horseback riding lessons at Northland Farm in Pembroke, NY

English Hunt Seat horse riding is instructed at Northland Farm Stable.

Horseback riding lessons at Northland Farm caters to a variety of age groups with a variety of skill levels, from beginner and intermediate all the way through to advanced riders. Whether in a group riding lesson or a private session, each individual is given close, personal attention and taught at his or her own pace.

Riders are instructed in English Hunt Seat, and learn to groom, and tack up their mounts. Our horses have been selected for their gentle nature and ability to meet and interact with new people, especially children. Sessions also include lessons on maintaining the barn and how to properly use several types of equipment.

Because every consideration is taken for the horseback rider and equine safety, we provide our guests with all the equipment they will need, including riding helmets, which are continually checked and maintained for good condition. Please be sure to wear casual, comfortable clothing when visiting Northland Farm.

Horse Showing is also available for those interested.

Our primary goal at Northland Farm is to provide a well-rounded knowledge of proper horsemanship and English Hunt Seat riding while simultaneously heightening the pure enjoyment of the horseback riding experience. By teaching people how to build a harmonious relationship with a horse as well as the right way to ride, they will hopefully gain a lifelong appreciation for the sport of English Hunt Seat riding.

We not only raise horses here at Northland Farm, but also self esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility. Horseback riders make new friends, have fun, develop their skills, and grow more poised and confident. They also learn patience and respect — valuable qualities in horseback riding and in life.

The year-round riding program utilizes our 80’ x 150’, well lit, indoor riding arena. Horseback riding lessons at Northland Farm are English Hunt Seat. Join a group lesson or ask for a private session available in beginner, intermediate, advanced skill riding levels; child or adult.

Remember, our location is a reasonable drive from Clarence or Amherst, NY as well as Batavia in Genesee County. Northland Farm is on Route 5, in Pembroke, NY — just 3 miles east of exit 48A on I-90.

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